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It gives me great honor to welcome all our current and future members of the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia (IPRM) – your national professional body representing the practice of Public Relations in the country since 1962.

The long history of the Institute has been punctuated with outstanding local and world-class events and episodes that augur well for all serious minded practitioners. Indeed the present Council and all its 1,000-over Members remain indebted to the toils and sacrifices of all past Leaders and Members of Council and the members of the Institute. All the efforts these past five decades were made possible by the singular Vision to keep enhancing the professionalism and the unwavering Mission to keep enriching the knowledge capital of the practice.

As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of IPRM, this Year 2012, public relations practitioners and academics will in recognizing the past achievements of the Institute, continue to keep our solid tradition of sharing our knowledge and competencies with the young and aspiring public relations minds.

To help galvanize your outstanding public relations achievements and showcase these as part of our Golden Jubilee Legacy, we welcome you to contact the IPRM Secretariat. You may contribute your Case Studies, Articles published, Events concluded, Activities undertaken – any of the public relations achievements by you or your organization which can add to the inventory of knowledge capital of the practice and the profession.
The present Council is also in the midst of developing a series of on-going programmes aimed at not only marking our Golden Jubilee Year 2012, but more importantly to offer you opportunities to further excel in the public relations business, career, or practice-oriented education.

Towards this end, a milestone opportunity that is being created for all our members is the Continuing and Adult Learning pathway. Through IPRM’s collaboration with the established Institute of Professional Development Open University Malaysia (IPD-OUM), inked in June 2012, members and non-members can look forward to pursuing the Professional Practice Certificate and Diploma programmes with the eventual option of migrating to a Degree / Masters in Public Relations.

The Professional Practice Certificate and Diploma programmes will be taught by practitioners who are noted veterans in the industry. The aim of these programmes is to enrich the knowledge capital and enhance the professionalism – both of which are much needed to keep the art and science of our public relations practice meaningful, value-driven and relevant for the changing times.

Best wishes to all our current and future Members of IPRM.

Dato’ Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, APR, MIPR