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Established in 1962, the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia (IPRM) was initiated by a group of practitioners from the public and private sectors. The main objective of the Institute is to advance the interests of public relations as a profession in Malaysia and to enhance the quality of deliverables of practitioners in the fraternity.

Today, IPRM stands as a pivotal institution shaping the landscape of public relations in our country. Notably, IPRM has achieved a significant milestone in 2005 by producing the first group of 50 Accredited Public Relations practitioners. In this context, IPRM will continue to intensify its commitment to train and develop public relations practitioners to advance their professionalism and best practices.

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The Institute has also expanded its membership base through the setting up of chapters, namely in Penang and Johor in Peninsular Malaysia, and in Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo, where practitioners organise their own networking programs or activities.

From time to time, IPRM organises various activities such as gatherings to foster understanding and friendship among members, and holding seminars, conferences and tea talks for knowledge sharing. Recently the Institute introduced ChaLK (Chat, Listen and Knowledge Sharing) that has since become a brand name for IPRM. This is an informal talk session held with companies, agencies, or institutions of higher learning, to build relations and foster networking among practitioners.

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Another significant public relations program that has now become an annual event is the Kuala Lumpur International Public Relations Conference (KLIP) hosted by World Communications KL and IPRM with participation from public relations practitioners from abroad, including Global Alliance and ASEAN Public Relations Network (APRN), thereby providing opportunities for global networking.

The Global Capability Framework, which was launched on 18 February 2022 was another significant milestone to improve the performance of practitioners within the Malaysian context. This in the long run would stand to benefit practitioners.

The appointment of IPRM’s current President Jaffri Amin Osman, as an executive board member of the Switzerland-based Global Alliance (GA), augurs well for IPRM to gain international exposure and to be accorded global credentials. It also provides a platform for IPRM members, especially young professionals, to participate in several programs involving GA on education, training, and professionalism held annually.



As a professional body, IPRM plays a role in advocating the Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct for the public relations profession that sets the standards for ethical and professional practice for its members and as a guideline for the industry. To further commit public relations practitioners to the industry’s best practices, IPRM has started working on Charter status and Accreditation. Both Charter status and Accreditation demonstrate professionalism and accountability on the practitioner’s part, and affirm IPRM’s role in providing guidance, training, and setting a benchmark for the public relations industry in Malaysia.

The recent launching of The Museum of Public Relations in New York through Global Alliance that saw IPRM being included as one of the public relations national bodies across the globe, linked officially to the museum, augured well for the Institute.

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