iprm-international-conference-mention-2015-media-communicationMedia Globalisation and the Transformation of Nation, the theme of this conference refers to the phenomenon of globalization and the transformation that is currently taking place around the world. The development of media and communication technology has not only bridged the gap between humans but has created a borderless world that encourages people to compete and innovate in the market and the global economic system based on expertise and knowledge.


This phenomena has created various inclusive regional collaboration which has triggered critical perspectives on the impact of a country and its people. In the context of multiracial Malaysia, the concept of media globalization is an interesting discourse to be highlighted and this is the time that compels the world, its communities and nations to negotiate and reconfigure national, communal and individual identities, goals and destinies.


Global media has become the main definers of social reality, the main source of information, and the framework through which many people interpret and understand the world. The main challenge in facing the reality of the millennium is to rethink on the appropriate strategies to address issues identified as obstacles in the transformation of a nation. Thus, this conference aspires to highlight some sustainable and strategic transformation to bring changes to the nation and chart the future taking into consideration all events and issues that constitutes reality, as we know it.


Date : 5-6 October 2015
Venue : Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, UKM

More info : www.ukm.my/mention15



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